Why Choose Us?

MotoskooL.net Mission Statment
We at motoskool.net are committed to you the customer, We have all the latest teaching aids. Our policy unlike most of the major driving schools is for you not to commit to block booking until you are completely satisfied with your instructor, Then take advantage of our block bookings, (See Lesson Price Structure) We have a unique offer some conditions apply but most pupils should be eligible to take up our offer, We Offer Professional instruction by highly trained teachers in all aspects of driving.

Why choose motoskooL.net?

Do you want a friendly professional instructor?
Free Theory On-Board training lessons?
No block booking necessary?

In addition to the above details:

Each pupil will be given a course of lessons designed specifically for their individual needs; the lessons will follow a structured plan and there progress record will be kept to ensure a complete training program is followed there by increasing your knowledge and skills.
Motoskool.net can provide complete preparation and all support necessary to guide you though . Our aim is to teach you to become a safe and competent driver, not just to pass a driving test.

Most important part of your service is that of our instructors.