Instructor Profiles

Our instructors all work under the driving standards agency rules and regulations. They all work under the code of conduct of the Learner Driver Advice Centre.
All Our Instructors are covered by disclosure Scotland. Please take a look at our instructor profiles.

Learner Driver Pit Falls

Make sure your instructor is fully qualified (displaying a green badge)
Many national driving schools use “trainee” instructors as an additional source of learning and revenue for there school. However these are instructors who have not yet passed there final examination to become a driving instructor and are using there trainee badge (pink badge) to gain experience with “real” learners. Depending on the rate charged by the driving school that sponsors the trainee, the case often arises where unqualified instructors varies greatly from school to school, ensure you are getting value from money.
The DVSA provide information in this connection on their website but many driving schools do not make you aware of this.
Always make sure your instructor displays a green or pink badge while teaching. It is illegal to accept payment for tuition unless you are on green or pink badge.
Green Badge                                                      Pink Badge