Raymond’s Lesson Terms & Conditions

Raymond’s Lesson Terms & Conditions:

24 hours’ notice must be given if you cancel your lesson. Otherwise you must pay for cancelling within that period. This will be at the discression of the instructor.

(Instructors are all self-employed and require time to reschedule another pupil into the cancelled slot)

Block Bookings: All Block Bookings must be used within the period of 6 months. Otherwise the pupil will lose any hours that remain out with the 6 month time period. Unless unforeseen circumstances arise.

The instructor (Raymond) will make the decision when to book the practical test after agreeing with the pupil, however if the instructor feels that the target time has not been achieved the instructor will advise that the test be changed in order to prepare for the new date .
The instructor has a duty of care to the road user ,examiner conducting the test ,and the pupil . The instructor can withdraw the use of his vehicle if he feels the pupil has not reached the standard required.


During this period of COVID-19 all pupils must wear a face covering during their lesson.
Pupils are asked to please wash your hands before entering the car.
On entering the car the instructor will ask you to wipe down areas you will be in contact with during your lesson, sanitiser and wipes will be supplied.

Your instructor will also wear a face covering and face shield or antivirus glasses .
These measures are in place to protect both the pupil and instructor.
Driving tests will be conducted in the same manner.

If for any reason you or your family are showing symptoms of COVID-19 please cancel your lesson,there will be no penalty for cancelling your lesson at short notice .

Safe and happy driving!